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It was a dream, and it came true the day Charlie arrived in my life. She is my first english bulldog, a nice female, snoring, as stubborn as a mule, tending to cling...But I do love her... and she returns( thoroughly cleaning my ears).english bulldog charlie
First of all I 'd like to thank Marie from Hihibull's who entrusted me this little ball of tenderness. Marie adviced me, and still advicing me, to raise this pearl in the best way.
I also want to thank Patrick Bitangui from Métakisbull's who handled many times Charlie whith great results in showdogs.
Lively, bold, reliable, courageous, english bulldog has a frightening aspect but he is very affectionate by nature. In brief, he is a monster of beauty. His small height and his good-natured temper make him a good citizen who lives easily in a flat. He is usually calm and doesn't bark a lot. This website is dedicated to Charlie and to her descent...

I live in Brittany, and you can contact me by mail.